Unique, Artistic, Photojournalism

"Every photo is the begining of a story"

"Be prepared to have fun, because Jenn is great at putting you at ease - most important, she makes you look great!"

"I love how she frames things with light, amazing!"

"You are a genuine treasure of a person and a truly gifted artist!"

"Jenn has an unusual knack for bringing out the playfullness in her subject."

"Your unique style of photography has allowed me the opportunity to enjoy my day and not worry at all about always being perfect and smiling for a camera. Seeing is believing. I thought they would be nice, but these are ART, heirloom quality photos! You were a lot of fun and your guidance and suggestions for photos have given us memories we will have forever and photographs that will never compare in style, originality and quality to anyone we know. And it does feel like "thank you" is not enough but I am lacking in words.  - Mimi"