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Jenna  Miller was born in Milan, Italy and raised in New York City, where her mother owned an art gallery. As early as age 5, she became enamored with photography in that it allowed her to capture a moment in time forever.

Jenna moved to Florida in 1990, and her career as a fine arts photographer began. She entered the professional photography arena as a photojournalist for The Miami Herald, the Florida Keys Keynoter and the Miami New Times. Jenna has since gained extensive experience photographing weddings, children, models and musicians. She has also taught seminars on "Photography as an Art Form."

Me & My Camera

It is artistry that sets Jenna's work apart from that of other photographers – her intuitive sense for light, composition and color. She also has a gift for capturing emotion.

"Emotions are my paint, the world is my canvas,” Jenna says. “When an image tells a story, evokes emotions and captures the moment, it becomes a great photograph.”

When an image tells a story, evokes emotions, and captures the moment, it becomes a great photograph. "Emotion's are my paint, the world is my canvas!"

Jenna is based in Florida and is available for photography commissions worldwide. She has traveled as far as Germany to photograph wedding. Her dream is to pass on her knowledge and love of photography to children in third world countries in hopes that the craft might enrich some of their lives as it has hers.

Jenna's photographs have won her several awards. Her work has been featured in galleries as well as published in books, postcards, note cards, magazines and newspapers. She has also served as a judge for photography competitions.